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No business cards? No problem with DropCard

LogoSaturdays at CPA Success are usually spent reviewing online tools that can help increase our productivity. Keep in mind that we do not endorse any of these services. We simply offer them up for your consideration. Do your own homework and find the service that best meets your needs.

If you're not a regular reader of Jeff De Cagna's blog, here's some advice: Subscribe to it now. Jeff is one of the association world's most innovative thinkers, and his blog is full of insightful stuff.

It's also the source of this week's online solution. Jeff recently raved about a service called DropCard, and on his recommendation, I gave it a try. Long story short, this thing is too good to pass up.

Here's the deal: Have you ever gone to a meeting / conference / networking event and forgotten to bring business cards with you? I'm a dunce about stuff like that. I'll be talking to someone, he or she will say, "Do you have a card?" and I'll reach into my bag and find ... nothing. It happens to me all the time. In fact, I think it happened to me in New Orleans recently when I interviewed Jeff for an MACPA podcast. Talk about embarrassing.

Anyway, DropCard solves that problem for you. All you need to do is create a free DropCard account. Then, the next time you need to exchange contact information with someone, simply send a DropCard text message that includes that person's e-mail address. DropCard will send that person all of your contact information -- name, phone, e-mail, social networks, Web sites, chat / IM data, etc. Voila! No business card needed.

Given my annoying habit of leaving my business cards at home, I can tell I'll be using this all the time. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Bill Sheridan