CPA fees to kick-start State Board’s ‘special fund’

StatehouseMore resources and better service may be on the horizon for Maryland's CPAs.

For years, MACPA members and the general public alike have found it difficult to get clarifications and information from the understaffed State Board of Public Accountancy, which simply did not have the manpower to field such requests.

In 2006, Maryland's General Assembly passed a bill that created a "special fund" that will provide the State Board with the resources necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities.  The fund will be paid for via increases in the licensure fees of the state's CPAs.

The State Board's budget for fiscal 2009 is the first to make use of the "special fund," so the board is proposing some increases in the application and licensure fees for Maryland CPAs to get the fund rolling. Here's a schedule of the proposed fees.

Final action on the proposed fees will come at a public hearing on Sept. 2 at the State Board's offices in Baltimore.


Bill Sheridan