Halloween ’08: Scary movies and zombie prevention


Photo by sth

It's Halloween! Time to take a break from Wall Street's horror show and get scared the good old-fashioned way -- getting sick on sugar, watching gory slasher flicks and telling a few good ghost stories. Here's some help with each:

First, all that candy's not going to do you any good, so get rid of it. Here are some tips.

Second, check out Salon's list of the scariest movies of all time, then head to Blockbuster, pop some popcorn and turn out the lights.

Third, if you're looking for a good ghost story, you could do worse than the tale of the Jersey Devil. No, I'm not talking about the hockey team. I'm talking about the legendary cloven-hoofed creature said to haunt the woods of southern New Jersey. The Shadowlands has a pretty good summary of the legend, and Jersey native Bruce Springsteen put the legend to song this year by offering "A Night With the Jersey Devil" as a free download on his Web site.

Finally, and perhaps most important, you'll need to figure out what to do about all the zombies. Lee and Sachi LeFever and the folks at CommonCraft have the answers in the very funny "Zombies in Plain English" video. Watch it here:

Have a safe and scary Halloween!


Bill Sheridan