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7 reasons to not use social media

You don't need social media if ...

  1. You have more "A" customers than you can handle.
  2. You don't want prospective clients and customers to find you.
  3. You don't want to get recognized by press and your profession / industry.
  4. You already know all about your customers, team members, and partners well enough.
  5. You don't want to waste time building more relationships and connections.
  6. You could care less about the new generation -- they need to adapt to you.
  7. You love spending money on training and meetings and don't need any more cost savings.

Earlier this week, I presented a session at MACPA's Technology Conference titled How Social Networking and Remote Conferencing (via Second Life) Transformed the MACPA (and What It Means to CPAs).

Of course, we had to "walk the talk" by giving the session as a mixed reality session, live and in Second Life, and we treated the group to live conversations with Dr. Mike Kraten (Suffolk University) and Eric E. Cohen (PwC and one of the founders of XBRL), who came to them virtually from CPA Island.

Here are our top five lessons learned (look at slide 56 for more detail and what it can do for you):

  1. Goin' virtual (Second Life), which allowed us to offer free CPE and new formats.
  2. Listen and share. Our blogs have helped us communicate in much easier, faster and more effective ways than we ever dreamed. (Bonus: Our staff team knows what we are thinking and focusing on.)
  3. Sharing is easier and strengthens our relationships with our members (Flickr, Slideshare, YouTube) -- over 40,000 views without any marketing or PR dollars spent!
  4. Next practices: Connecting to thought leaders via social media is much easier than old-school methods. Just look at our Web 2.0 learning tool for CPAs,
  5. Connecting to members (or customers and prospects) is amplified and magnified via social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.
    How Social Networking & Remote Conferencing (SL) Transformed MACPA View more documents from Tom Hood.

We closed the session with our view of how Second Life can transform continuing education for CPAs and some real-life examples. Two easy examples of the power of this medium are our presentation at the AICPA Tech plus Conference and our broadcast of the XBRL International Conference from Paris this summer (highlights in the link). Or see our post about how to save money by training in Second Life.

If you aren't one of the lucky ones who does not need to care about social media, we have help for you.

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