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What song would you be?

IMG_1130 If we had to pick a song to sum up last year, I would have to pick, The Beatles, "With a LIttle Help From My Friends".

Make that "a lot of help" from our friends.

Pictured is yours truly (l to r) with Delegate Brian Feldman, and our new Chairman, Allen DeLeon of DeLeon & Stang. We met Delegate Feldman to present him with an award for sponsoring our 120/150 CPA Exam legislation which was part of a historical legislative session for Maryland CPAs.

This is just one example of so many more highlights from a year filled with accomplishments that happened with a lot of help from our friends - our hundreds of volunteers, discussion leaders and teachers, sponsors and partners, thought leaders, our MACPA team and so many more.

The point is that all of our friends help us and inspire us to continue to grow and strive for excellence. It is the "why" behind our purpose as an association. The power of associating with great people, that is what makes us better and better, everyday. That is who we are, the Maryland ASSOCIATION of CPAs.

So, as the summer rolls by we want to thank all of our friends who we have the privilege of associating with. We could not do it without you!

And speaking of associating with greatness, here is our song...

We got by with a little help from our friends... 

So, what song would you pick to tell your story for the past year?