Maryland’s deputy comptroller: Hello, goodbye

There's some bittersweet change afoot in the Maryland Comptroller's Office.

Not with the comptroller himself, mind you. Peter Franchot wants to stay right where he is. During the MACPA's annual Comptroller's Luncheon in December, he announced that he intends to seek re-election.

No, the change has come in the deputy comptroller's office.

Linda Tanton's retirement has opened the door for new Deputy Comptroller David Roose, who says Maryland's CPAs have a vital role to play as the state struggles to regain its economic footing. MACPA members proved their mettle in 2008 during testimony that centered on the state's corporate reporting requirements. Roose worked with the state's Bureau of Revenue Estimates then, and he was impressed with the ability of Maryland CPAs to "get the word out to taxpayers as to what their obligations were under the law."

He's sure CPAs will step up once again if the need arises.

"From that experience alone, it's clear that CPAs can be very helpful in addressing legislative and policy issues and help us arrive at good outcomes for taxpayers, for the comptroller's office, and for CPAs themselves," Roose said. "With the state continuing to struggle to find its budgetary footing, there will certainly be, over the years, plenty of additional tax changes and policy initiatives that need to be addressed. The Comptroller's Office will always look for simplicity for taxpayers. That's beneficial for taxpayers, for us, and for tax practitioners as well. To the extent that CPAs can help in that regard, in addition to whatever problems that crop up during the legislative session, we would be very happy to talk to them about how to address those sorts of things."

I was privileged to speak with both Tanton and Roose as the transition took place.

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Bill Sheridan