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Don’t try to fight it; harness its power!

Judo We have all seen martial arts scenes in which a small woman flips some huge villain flat on his back on the floor. That is the whole premise behind the martial art of judo.

Judo involves the use of the other person's strength to increase your own. In the self-defense world, it is how smaller, weaker opponents can handle much larger and stronger attackers.

That is also how you can think about social media. We used to end our presentations on social media with this picture and the words, "You can ignore it, fight it, or harness its power."

Then, one of the biggest issues we hear from CPAs is, "How do you harness it and keep some control?"

The answer? A flexible, principles-based social media policy, a sound culture, and a little training/communication around what your firm or organization expects from your people.

Don't try to control it too much. Instead, harness its power and enjoy your newfound strength in marketing, learning, thought-leadership, and even customer / client service.

Here are some resources to help you with the first part -- social media policies. Look at ours below (modeled after the "gold standard" of IBM) with linkage to our strategic plan (purpose and values) and the AICPA Code of Conduct.

Sample social media policies (almost all are principles-based):

Here are some resources to help you learn and jumpstart your social media learning efforts:

And three courses from our Business Learning Institute: