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If you’re sending $1 reimbursement checks, you’re not financially literate

April is Financial Literacy Month. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t get the memo.

On April 4, I received two separate pieces of mail from my life insurance company.

One was a reimbursement check — labeled “Return of Premium” — for the ridiculous sum of $1.

The other was a notice to confirm that I had been paid the $1 refund.

Let’s recap: My life insurance provider spent time, effort and money to process a $1 reimbursement check and a confirmation letter, placed each in its own envelope, paid postage on both, and sent them to me seperately.

The person who set up that life insurance policy, by the way, was my financial advisor.

Financial literacy: It’s not just for retirement anymore. Think how much corporate waste could be eliminated with a little financial know-how.

“Corporate efficiency” doesn’t need to be an oxymoron and “financial literacy” doesn’t need to be difficult.

What they do need is different thinking, common sense, and a willingness to change.

Starting now.


Bill Sheridan