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6 reasons to belong to your professional associations

This summer, I had a chance to catch up with my close friend, Clarke Price, CAE and CEO of the Ohio Society of CPAs. Clarke was finishing up his volunteer term as chairman of the American Society of Association Executives. I have volunteered on several major initiatives for the CPA profession with Clarke and can say he is an extraordinary leader and walks the talk.

Listen to what he had to say before he spoke to a group of young CPA leaders at the inaugural session of the AICPA Leadership Academy.

Here are my top six reasons to belong to your professional association:

  1. Come together to accomplish things
  2. Leadership and how to be a professional
  3. Protect and promote your profession
  4. Relationships and networks
  5. Give something back to your profession and the community
  6. It helps your career and your employer

As Clarke says, nobody else is going to look out for your profession like your professional association -- nobody.

Which brings me to my final point: In a profession based on laws, standards and regulations, it is critical that your organizations maintain those laws, standards and regulations. That can only be accomplished by being part of both your national and state-based associations. Tell your employer the value of "and" versus "or" thinking here. You need to belong to both the national organziation (AICPA) and your state CPA society (MACPA). They really should be counted as one membership when it comes time for your employer to support you. I guarantee a much greater return on investment.

I am heading to Strike Bethesda tonight (5:30 to 7:30 p.m.) to join our New / Young Professionals Network (NYPN) in a Bowlathon to benefit the Maryland Food Bank. This is part of NYPN's annual efforts to give back to the community. These young professionals know why you should belong to an association and their organizations will benefit from their involvement.

See our YouTube video about Volunteerism and CPAs featuring MACPA volunteers

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OK, your turn. What has been the most valuable benefits that you have received as a member of your professional association?