Second Life 101: Tips for mastering the virtual world

Slacpa_001We've spent a lot of time here talking about Second Life and its enormous business potential. What we haven't done, though, is explain the nuts and bolts of getting started in Second Life. And let's face it: For newcomers, Second Life can be a bit confusing.

So let's go to school, shall we?

The first step is joining Second Life. A section of our CPA Learning 2.0 program offers step-by-step details about how to join, create your avatar and get oriented to Second Life's virtual world.

Next up is mastering some of the finer points of Second Life -- teleporting, using voice chat, finding friends, joining groups and other skills that will enhance your in-world experience. Here are a few resources that offer detailed instructions on how to do these things and more in Second Life.

And one final tip: When you arrive in Second Life, search the "Groups" tag for "SLACPA." That's the Second Life Association of CPAs. Join the group (it's free) and you'll be able to visit all areas of CPA Island and CPA Island 2. There, you'll see for yourself what we've been up to and catch a glimpse of what we hope to accomplish in Second Life.

There undoubtedly are more Second Life tutorials and resources out there. If you're a Second Life resident, what's your favorite?


Bill Sheridan