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One last look back: Our 25 most popular posts from 2014

We’re suckers for nostalgia here at CPA Success, so before we kick open the door to 2015, let’s take a look back our most popular posts from the past year.

See you at midnight!


  1. The top seven issues facing young professionals

  2. More tax season headaches on the horizon

  3. The future of accounting looks very bright

  4. Top skills for CFOs and controllers

  5. Report: Few are ready to take advantage of profession’s top 5 trends

  6. It’s not cheating — it’s collaboration

  7. A year later, the key to COSO’s internal control framework is ‘a reasonable approach’

  8. The top six issues facing CPAs

  9. Eleven things emerging leaders want you to know: A letter to managing partners and CEOs

  10. Cross-country for a cause

  11. Top seven issues facing young professionals, redux

  12. We are all in sales now. Here is some help

  13. The best business advice ever: Be willing to change

  14. Revenue recognition roundup: Here’s everything you need to know

  15. The top 3 strategic challenges facing organizations

  16. Three questions for tomorrow’s leaders: Don’t flunk this quiz

  17. Connections work. Need proof? Ask ‘The Name Tag Guy’

  18. If your team isn’t doing these 6 things, you’re doomed

  19. Stop waiting for opportunities. Create your own.

  20. Generational encounters: A millennial’s perspective

  21. Maryland CPA firms featured in Inside Public Accounting lists

  22. Change is on the wind

  23.  ‘If strategy is the cake, culture is the oven’

  24. Accounting Today names best firms to work for — and 8 are from Maryland

  25. It’s your story … but let a CPA do your taxes

Bill Sheridan