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One last update before things get REALLY busy

New_ACPEN_Logosmall You're undoubtedly neck-deep in early tax season work by now, but you'll want to make some time to watch this.

It's a video from the folks at ACPEN, a professional training consortium of nearly 40 state CPA societies, including the MACPA. The 17-minute video provides an overview of recent tax developments and several practice tips that CPAs might find useful.

And though relatively few major changes are on the books this year and it's 2011 that looks like the real "wildcard," in the words of Roger Lusby III, there are still plenty of issues to consider. Among the items up for discussion are:

  • debt forgiveness and insolvency,
  • foreign investments and unreported foreign income,
  • electronic filing and obtaining transcripts from the IRS,
  • adjustments to withholding tables,
  • the first-time homebuyer tax credit,
  • and, of all things in this tough economy, capital gains.

Watch the video in its entirety here, then check out these other tax season resources:


Bill Sheridan