File’s too big to e-mail? Here’s a simple solution

EmailWe're going to use Saturday posts to feature some of the online resources that can help us do our jobs better -- with emphasis on "we." I'll share some of the resources I like, and I hope you'll do the same. Give it some thought and join the conversation. Tell us what tools you're using to be more productive.

This week, let's talk about a pet peeve of workers and IT departments alike -- sending large files and documents via e-mail. Many companies put limits on the size of files that can be sent through e-mail, and with good reason. Huge attachments can bring an e-mail system to its knees. And even if you can send huge files, the recipients might not be able to receive them.

When I need to send a huge file to a colleague, I like to use a free online file-transfer service like YouSendIt, SendThisFile and the like. Here's how it works: You upload a file to to the online service and enter the e-mail address of the recipient. The service sends an e-mail to the recipient with a link to the file. Instead of dealing with a huge attachment, the recipient simply downloads the file from the file-transfer service.

Stuff like this has been around for a while. (The MACPA's IT manager, Doug Shaner, told me about YouSendIt a couple of years ago.) If you haven't heard about it before now, though, give it a try and see what you think. Search for "file transfer services" and you'll get lots of options.

Check out LeapFile when you get a chance
LeapFile, another online file transfer service, offers unlimited file size, tracking, security and more — all easily integrated into your e-mail client or desktop. The MACPA uses LeapFile for its file transfer needs, and it's a fantastic service.

When you have a moment, check out this article from LeapFile, titled "Five Reasons Why E-Mail is Not Built for File Transfer."

And for you MACPA members out there, a complimentary file transfer service is available to members through MACPA’s SecureSend. For more information go to


Bill Sheridan