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The top 10 trends to watch in 2012

Top trends to WatchThe top 10 trends to watch for 2012 (and the time to address is now), according to 1,200 CPAs in future forums around the United States, are:

  1. Changing demographics: Aging workforce, diversity, four generations in the workplace
  2. Increased globalization, economic shifts and increasing competition
  3. The technological revolution: Cloud, social, big data and XBRL
  4. Issues around information security, privacy and data integrity
  5. Shift to consumer and employee power (from push to pull)
  6. Changes in the way we communicate: Mobile, text, Skype
  7. Work-life challenges or conflict: "Do more with less," 24/7 work
  8. Information overload: Filter failure
  9. Increasing complexity of rules and standards (IFRS, GAAP, PCAOB, SEC)
  10. Economic uncertainty: Deficit, debt and pressure on government

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What do you think is the most important trend to address in 2012? 

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