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Top 8 issues facing CFOs and controllers

Dsc00019 Our own Tom Foard, CPA, CFO of Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, was joined by two other BIG (Business, Industry and Government) members on stage in Tucson at the AICPA Council's fall meeting. Pictured at right are Tom and Pat Cochran, outgoing chair of the AICPA Business and Industry Executive Committee. Congrats to Tom, who is taking the helm from Pat as the incoming chair of the BIEC.

They were presenting the latest strategic plan for the AICPA's Business, Industry and Government members. The panel discussion focused on the issues facing today's CFO and how involved they are in the business (or government) for which they work. Lots of talk about risk management and dealing with this turbulent economy. See our post from our CFO roundtable, "Top 5 things that will define the future."

In addition, they covered the top eight areas of interest:

  1. Financial reporting and accounting
  2. Regulatory standards / compliance
  3. Internal controls / risk management / fraud
  4. Technology
  5. Management and leadership
  6. Performance management and KPIs
  7. Tax
  8. Industry-sepcific training

Speaking of interest areas, Performance management and KPIs, we are holding a free CPE program in the virtual world of Second Life on Thursday, Oct. 23 from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern in our conference center on CPA Island. For information and free registration, see www.cpaisland.com. Join us as Bob Laux, senior director of financial accounting and reporting for Microsoft, presents the latest developments in enhanced business reporting.

Here are the results from the CFO Roundtable on October 16th, 2008