New opportunities bring a new look for the MACPA


We've said it time and again: The only constant these days is change. Ignore it at your own peril.

That goes for us as well.

The MACPA has unveiled a new logo as part of a branding campaign designed to convey our commitment to the current and future success of our members and the profession.

Why the change?

The MACPA's job is to connect members in strategic ways, protect members' professional interests, and help them achieve continual and increasing success.

Connect. Protect. Achieve. That's the "CPA" in MACPA. That's our promise to members.

The association's brand must embody and communicate that promise, and it starts with our corporate identity. It is incredibly important that our logo -- the primary visual cue for our brand -- communicate who we are and what we believe.

With that in mind, here's how we developed our new visual identity.

First, the font selection: The modern typeface portrays the MACPA as an organization that is relevant today. While we have no interest in being "trendy," we are committed to the future of the profession, and we want to communicate this to our members.

Our font weight and size are consistent and include a subtle darkening of the letters "CPA" to help people know exactly what we do and who we serve.

Next, the symbolic mark: The colorful elements above the MACPA's name intimate a level of protection. We are a seamless umbrella that seeks to protect the CPA profession and be a place 
where members can feel secure. Each dot is a different color to reflect the diversity of the association and our members. The dots are connected by a single thread, offering this message: We are all in this together, and the MACPA is the foundation for our connections.

The colorful train of dots is in line with the type below it, revealing order and intentionality. Just as you read left to right, so, too, does the logo mark "move" from left to right. It is not a static symbol off to the side of our name. We move together.

Our mark starts with the color green, a cultural archetype meaning "go." While colorful, the colors are muted, tempered, grounded, time-tested, secure, and professional. As you follow the connection line, it flows to our final color -- blue. There are still yet bigger seas, brighter skies, and better days ahead. The MACPA, with its rich history, is just getting started!


We've said it before, and we mean it: The only constant these days is change. The MACPA isn't immune to that change. What we do hasn't changed, really. As always, we're tasked with connecting members, protecting their interests, and helping them achieve success. How we do that, though, evolves with the times. Our brand must reflect that. We believe our new visual identity is a step in the right direction.

Find out more by viewing a special holiday message from the MACPA. Click on the image above to see the message.

What do you think? Let us know what you think of our new look by posting a comment below.


Bill Sheridan