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All the news that’s fit to tweet = all the news

As if we needed it, here's one more example of how change is rocking our world.

You probably heard something about Pope Benedict resigning, right? I was barely awake when I heard. My wife gets up at 4:30 each morning to hit the gym, and as she walked out the door, I grabbed my iPhone and took a quick peak at Twitter.

And there, at 4:56 a.m. Central, was the first word from my Network, via @BusinessInsider: "BREAKING: ITALIAN NEWS AGENCY: POPE BENEDICT TO RESIGN."

Moments later, Twitter blew up. Every news organization on the web began posting updates. Within minutes, the text of the pope's full resignation statement was posted. By 5:30 -- 34 minutes after the first word leaked out -- I officially considered it old news and went back to sleep.

My wife, meanwhile, had access to NPR in the car and three cable stations at the gym and heard ... nothing.

Let's recap: Twitter beat the story to death in 34 minutes -- before the broadcast giants ever touched it.

That's one way of looking at it.

Another is this: The broadcast giants are on Twitter, too, and they were tweeting out the news with everyone else, long before they put it on the air.

Twitter isn't merely changing journalism -- it is transforming it.

Are you ready for the social movement to transform accounting? 'Cause it's already happening.

Just sayin' ...


Bill Sheridan