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We’re No. 4! We’re No. 4!

Mobbies ... and we're darned proud of it, too.

Thanks to your support, CPA Success was voted the fourth most popular blog in the "Business + Technology" category in "The Mobbies" competition. ("Mobbies" is short for "Maryland's Outstanding Blogs.")

And while fourth place might not sound that impressive to you, consider this: The three blogs that finished ahead of us also finished in the top five in the "Best Overall Blog" standings.

So there.

Our thanks to everyone who voted. Most of all, our sincere thanks for your continued readership and support. You are the reason why we write this blog. Our goal is to give you quality, informative, though-provoking content ... and to have you join in the conversation as well.

Let's keep that conversation going. And next year, let's shoot for No. 1.


Bill Sheridan