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Debunking the CPA exam’s urban legends

Questions Is it true that the CPA exam is graded on a curve? That candidates should request a "regrade" if they fail by the narrowest of margins? That "real-time" score reporting is on the horizon?

No, no and no.

Passing the CPA exam is tough enough without having to navigate the minefield of myths that persist about how the exam is administered, graded and reported.

That's why the AICPA has released answers to eight common CPA exam myths and questions. The questions were compiled by the folks at, a blog devoted to issues related to the exam. "It is a must-read for anyone planning on taking the Uniform CPA exam," the AICPA reports.

Indeed. And if you have CPA candidates on the payroll, you have two assignments:

  1. Encourage -- no, insist -- that they follow through and take the exam.
  2. Make sure they read and understand this document. It will answer a bunch of questions and prevent a ton of headaches in advance.

What are you doing to encourage your CPA candidates to sit for the exam?

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Bill Sheridan