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Tax prep winners? CPAs in a landslide



We knew it. The profession knew it. Anyone who has ever worked with a CPA knew it.

Now, the rest of the country knows it, too.

"It" is simply this: The best bang for your tax preparation buck comes from a CPA.

In a recent "Early Show" segment, CBS News asked a Miami couple to file their taxes in three different ways -- online via TurboTax, with H&R Block, and with a CPA (in this case, Monte Kane of Kane and Company in Miami).

The results were eye-opening.

  • TurboTax: The couple spent $74.95 for the service and were quoted a refund of $3,103.
  • H&R Block: After spending $200 for H&R Block's services, they were quoted a refund of $2,763.
  • CPA: For a fee of $350, the couple were quoted a refund of $4,063.

Game, set, match.

Sure, your results may vary. But the message is clear: No one delivers results with integrity and insight like a CPA.

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In the meantime, watch the "Early Show" segment in its entirety:


Bill Sheridan