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The top challenges facing CFOs, controllers and CPAs in business and industry

What are the top challenges facing CFOs, controllers, and CPAs in business and industry? 
More than 300 CPAs in business and industry attended our Spring Business and Industry Town Hall Meeting / Professional Issues Update, both live and via webcast. The group had an average of 23 years as CPAs, and 53 percent of those who answered the polls hold the CGMA credential.
Here are their top 10 challenges:

  1. Doing more with less
  2. Information overload (changing standards and regulations)
  3. Not enough time
  4. Bring reactive vs. proactive
  5. Changing accounting and technology systems
  6. Finding and retaining talent
  7. Business model changes
  8. Disruption in my indistry / business
  9. Health care reform
  10. Succession planning

Despite these challenges, 60 percent of them have an optimistic business outlook.
A solid 61 percent are in the process of migrating to the cloud or planning to migrate in the next twelve months. And 14 percent are already in the cloud.
As for being "future ready," slightly more than 5 percent said they are future ready, with another 42 percent saying that they are "somewhat future ready" and spending more time in future and strategic work.
You can watch the entire Professional Issues Update here. The slidedeck is featured below.
Our Professional Issues Update / Town Hall Meetings are brought to you by our sponsors, BB&T Bank, AON, Sage, Citrix Sharefile, XERO, Wolters Kluwer, Kelly, TriBridge Partners, Avalara, USB Payment PRocessing, and the Anthony Corrao Team of Long And Foster. 

MACPA Spring 2016 Professional Issues Update - Business & Industry Edition from Tom Hood, CPA,CITP,CGMA

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