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Steer clear of Twitter on the road

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As much as I love the social Web, I've come to realize there are some folks who probably should steer clear of it.

Take this Ketchum PR guy, for instance. Or this would-be Cisco employee. They both learned the hard way that you definitely need to think before you post.

At least 22 states are on the verge of joining their ranks.

The states in question have enacted legislation that bans texting while driving. That's logical enough. Studies have shown that texting behind the wheel is as bad as driving drunk.

At the same time, according to the Associated Press, these states are sending out traffic information to motorists via Twitter.

Mixed message? You bet. "Don't text while driving," the states seem to be saying, "but be sure to read our traffic tweets."

The states in question say they want motorists to read the tweets before they climb behind the wheel.

But really, what are the odds of that happening? Sorry, guys, but I'm with the critics on this one. Much of Twitter's power comes from its mobile applications. If you send traffic tweets to motorists, they're going to read them on their mobile devices.

Give these states an A for effort. But really, driving is one activity that doesn't need to be more social.


Bill Sheridan