Clock runs out on our bills as Sine Die is declared for 2010 General Assembly

DSC00296When the final buzzer went off at midnight, our two (2) bills were not able to make it to the voting board. Pictured at right is the Senate chambers at midnight when the confetti falls on Senate President Mike Miller.

Sine Die or the adjournment of the Maryland general Assembly happens on the nintieth day of the assembly at midnight. Unfortunately if your bills have not been voted on, they simply expire.

In a very bizarre final day of session, full of uncharacteristic debates, many bills simply did not get time for a vote. That was the case for the DLLR bill, HB 1137 - CPA exam educational requirements (120-150) and the financial literacy bills we supported from the Comptroller.

We knew it was going to be a photo finish when the 120-150 CPA Exam bill got to the Senate Committee so late. It made it through a hearing last week and with the help of our keypersons, got voted out of committee yesterday early in the evening, but not with enough time to get into the queue of the mass of bills to get voted on for second and third reader.

We will be writing a full session recap after we get all of the reports back, but we know we were instumental in eliminating some detrimental amendments to the Tax Preparer Act.

We will be back next year!