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New tool can help you manage your social networks

AtomkeepSaturdays at CPA Success are usually spent reviewing online tools that can help increase our productivity. Keep in mind that we do not endorse any of these services. We simply offer them up for your consideration. Do your own homework and find the service that best meets your needs.

More and more, I find myself suffering from social media overload, defined as "too many social networks, not nearly enough time." Guest blogger Chris Jenkins from the Ohio Society of CPAs found a tool that might help, and I can't wait to try it. Chris?

Let's face it: Being social is hard.

OK, maybe a better way to put it is, social networking can take a massive amount of time. With so many choices, just selecting which social networks to join can be difficult. Creating, managing and updating network profiles doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Technology to the rescue. Specifically, atomkeep.

This service allows users to sync profile information across multiple social networking sites. To get started, simply visit and create an account. All that’s needed is an e-mail address and password -- no long sign-up process. Simple, easy, and no profile information is required.

Here’s how it works:

After account creation, you will be asked to link existing social networking accounts into atomkeep. Once linked, you’re given an option of importing and merging profile information from existing accounts into atomkeep. After linking all your accounts, simply edit your atomkeep profile and update any missing or incorrect information. Click "Sync," and poof: techno-magic. All of your accounts are updated with your latest profile information. When joining new social networking sites, you can simply link to atomkeep and push your profile information across.

Yes, it sounds too easy, and maybe it is. Atomkeep is currently in beta, but it seems fairly complete. My overall experience has been positive. Atomkeep doesn’t fill out every profile perfectly every time, so you may want to doublecheck some profiles. Still, I believe most of my profiles are more complete now than when they were without atomkeep.

I don’t see a real business model driving atomkeep, but that’s never stopped a Web 2.0 success before. As with any site that stores account information for third-party systems, I question the security. In this case, I’ve decided atomkeep is an acceptable risk for me.

Overall, it makes the grade, allowing me to sync my profile across multiple social service services. Now I just need to work on other socially acceptable behavior.


Bill Sheridan