Five things accounting educators need to know

  1. The top trends facing the CPA profession (almost none are technical).
  2. The profession has a vision (and students like it).
  3. There are more career opportunities than just the Big Four (business and industry, not-for-profits, government, and 40,000 firms).
  4. Students want to understand the expectations and realities of the workplace.
  5. Data (XBRL) is the new plastics -- career advice for students and young professionals.

This post is for our accounting educators who are responsible for laying a strong foundation for the CPA profession's future, and it is no easy job!

Today I am delivering a keynote on the latest issues facing the CPA profession at our annual educator's conference while attending the CPA-SEA (State CPA Society Executives) meeting with the AICPA senior leadership at our annual mid-winter meeting. Thanks to video and webcasting capabilities, I can actually be in two places at one time!

My presentation is not the typical PIU (professional issues update). This one is about the future -- the future of the CPA profession and the top trends identified by the CPA Horizons 2025 Project.

Here are some resources:

Here are three videos you may want to use in the classroom for talking about the future of the CPA profession:

Downloadable documents you can use in class:

 So for all you accounting educators, this post is for you.