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Top business challenge? Hiring the right people

HireWhat's the top challenge facing finance executives today? Perhaps a better question would be, "How can you pick just one?"

There are a ton of them out there, from competition to regulation to meeting customers' demands. But in a recent Robert Half poll, one challenge -- finding skilled staff -- was deemed more daunting than the rest.

So what's the secret to effective recruiting in this highly competitive environment? If we knew the answer, it wouldn't be corporate America's top challenge.

But opinions are free, so here's one to chew on: As you try to lure talented financial pros to your firm or company, be sure to emphasize your benefits plan. It sounds obvious, but benefits loom large in a job candidate's decision. In fact, a new report found that benefits are nearly as big an incentive as salary for attracting accounting talent.

What's your secret to recruiting success?


Bill Sheridan