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Accounting’s never been more entertaining

TheaterCross-dressing hilarity, Nat King Cole parodies, Cher ... When the worlds of accounting and pop culture collide, you end up with some wacky, wonderful stuff.

  • Let's start with "Love, Sex and the IRS," a play that seems to draw its inspiration in equal parts from "Some Like it Hot" and "Three's Company." According to this AccountingWeb article, it's a play about "Jon and Leslie, two men who have been living together in the Big Apple for years. Jon does the taxes for both of the out-of-work musicians and learns he could save a lot of money if he were married to Leslie. It's all fun until, you guessed it, they get audited and Leslie must play the part of Jon's wife. Cross dressing ensues and so does hilarity ..." Of course it does! Meet the cast, then read the book. (And props to Bob Jensen, king of the CPAS-L listserv, for telling us about the play.)
  • Next up is another AccountingWeb article, this one about the musical side of CPAs. The cool thing is, it mentions The Accounting Crows, a group of rockin' Connecticut CPAs whom we've mentioned here before. But the star of the article is Steven Zelin, a former industry accountant who does a parody of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" called -- get ready for it -- "Tax Deductible." Weird Al Yankovic would be proud. (Thanks to the MACPA's Richard Rabicoff for digging up that article.)
  • Finally, in tribute to the end of tax season, we've got Entertainment Weekly's list of "15 Incredibly Awesome Accountants" -- not actual accountants, mind you, but characters in well-known movies and TV shows. Any list that includes Cher, Gene Wilder and George Wendt is worth a look, if you ask me.

What's your favorite accounting pop-culture moment?


Bill Sheridan