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The health-and-wealth gap is disappearing


Common sense tells us there's a correlation between wealth and health, but to actually be shown that correlation is pretty amazing.

That's what Hans Rosling does for us in this eye-popping video. Rosling, a professor of international health at Karolinska Institute, offers visually animated data to show how the health- and wealth-related disparities between nations have narrowed over time. The stunning thing is this: The entire world is becoming healthier and wealthier, though at different rates.

"Despite enormous disparities today, we have seen 200 years of remarkable progress," Rosling says. "That huge historical gap between the west and the rest is now closing. We have become an entirely new converging world, and I see a clear trend into the future. With aid, trade, technology and peace, it's fully possible that everyone can make it to the healthy-wealthy corner.

Our thanks to Jason Blumer for blowing our minds with this yummy piece of eye candy. Watch the video in its entirety here.


Bill Sheridan