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A pain in the tech?

Let's face it: IT can set you free ... or drive you insane.

It's a risk-vs.-reward thing: Done right, information technology projects offer your organization increased profits and productivity. Done wrong, they can be time-consuming, morale-destroying, budget-busting monsters.

Often, says Richard Lanza, finance professionals can make the difference. They "can contribute to the success of IT projects by helping to manage project risk, both in errors on the part of project managers (unintentional) and even fraud (intentional acts for personal benefit)," Lanza writes in "The Riskiest IT Projects Your Company Will Ever Face."

Lanza breaks down the most common reasons why IT projects fail and what finance pros can do early in the game to help ensure success.

And speaking of technology, don't forget to read the results of the AICPA's annual Top Technology Initiatives survey. Information security is again at the top of the list. Find out what other tech issues are keeping business executives up at night.

How are you managing IT in your organization?


Bill Sheridan