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Six skills leaders know: Lessons from America’s Cup

"If you want to do something great, you can't do it alone." -- James Spithill, Oracle Team USA Skipper

Next month in San Francisco Bay will mark the beginning of the America's Cup finals, the grueling Super Bowl of sailing. Like most sports and business, it has undergone constant improvement and technological advances in its 162 year-old history. This year will feature sailboats that can fly as the new AC72 boats take to the water. Piloting these $10 million boats takes a total team effort, as you can see from the clip below:  


It turns out that sailing an America's Cup yacht is the ultimate team sport. Skipper James Spithill shares his thoughts in "Six Skills Leaders Know," from this month's Men's Health Magazine:

  1. Be decisive and consistent.
  2. Evolve everyday (keep your L>C).
  3. Forge strength in adversity.
  4. Lean on your team.
  5. Blaze a trail.
  6. Breed confidence.

And three great phrases for leaders:

  1. "What if ...?" increases positive brainstorming and reduces ego.
  2. "I need your help ..."  passes power to others.
  3. "Would it be helpful if ..." can help get someone "unstuck" with a new option.

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