Financial Planning

Hey, Britney: Feed the pig!

SpendWe've suspected for a while now that Britney Spears might not be the world's best role model for our children. Now we know for sure.

Since we know everything else about the pop princess, we might as well know this as well: She rakes in around $737,000 per month -- per month! -- and doesn't save or invest any of it, according to court papers from her custody dispute with her ex-husband.

How are CPAs, in their "Feed the Pig" fight to get young Americans to save more for retirement, supposed to compete with that?

The truth is, we can hope that most Americans would be smarter than that, but according to Janice Revell, we'd be wrong. "The overwhelming majority of American 20-somethings aren't saving anything for retirement, either," Revell writes in this Money Magazine article. "Research from Vanguard shows that two-thirds of all 25-year-olds who have access to a 401(k) plan aren't contributing. And the worst part is, they aren't taking advantage of their biggest asset: time."

Using specific examples (and Ms. Spears as a cautionary tale), Revell explains how many typical 25-year-olds can save $2 million for retirement. The key is to start now. "Being sure to set aside just a little each month," she writes, "can help you maintain your lifestyle in perpetuity."

Britney, are you listening?


Bill Sheridan