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Business in 2020: Opportunities abound

Future We've spent a few days summarizing the forward-thinking report Intuit 2020: Twenty Trends That Will Shape The Next Decade. Let's pull all of those thoughts together in one final post:

One final note for CPAs: All of this change and uncertainty present some pretty remarkable opportunities as well. Here's what King said in Part 1:

"The world is rapidly becoming more complex. Small businesses in particular are going to need more assistance in understanding this complex world. Tax law changes, health care changes, environmental law changes, globalization, just to name a few -- there are a lot of areas in which businesses will need help, and that's a great opportunity for CPAs."

In other words, keep your eyes open. Amid all of this change, plenty of folks will be looking for a trusted advisor.

Read the report, then let us know what you think the future will look like.


Bill Sheridan