Our year in review: 20 most popular posts from 2010

Twenty As the New Year approached, I wondered: What were the most well-read CPA Success posts of 2010? So I fired up Google Analytics and found out.

What was on our readers' minds during 2010?

Legislation, legislation, and legislation. Health care reform, the 1099 saga, the FTC's "red flags rule" and the IRS's bid to register tax preparers were particularly popular topics on the blog in 2010.

Here are our top 20 posts from 2010. Check 'em out, then tell us: What was your top issue for 2010?

  1. Health care reform: What will change? (March 22)
  2. IRS launches online PTIN registration system (Sept. 28)
  3. Congress leaves 1099 red tape firmly in place (Aug. 3)
  4. Seven reasons clients leave their CPAs (Jan. 11)
  5. Top seven growth areas for CPAs (Jan. 15)
  6. Top 3 training issues for CFOs and top 3 skills needed (Aug. 31)
  7. Score one for CPAs as Senate OKs financial reform (May 21)
  8. CPAs see signs of life in a down economy (Oct. 13)
  9. Unemployment never looked so good ... or bad (Jan. 29)
  10. Another 'Red Flags' extension, this time to Dec. 31 (June 1)
  11. Health care reform: What's in it ... and what's not (March 30)
  12. Another 'Red Flags' delay: CPAs get 90 more days (April 30)
  13. IRS seeks to regulate tax preparers; CPAs excluded (Jan. 5)
  14. Par for the political course: 1099 repeal fails in Senate (Nov. 29)
  15. Bid to remove 1099 reporting rule falls short (Sept. 14)
  16. Supreme Court: PCAOB appointments unconstitutional (June 29)
  17. Top 5 skills of the post-recession leader (Feb. 19)
  18. Congress revisiting 1099, tax preparer regulations (Aug. 11)
  19. Finance will be a job-market force in next decade (Jan. 6)
  20. Your life is a script. Time for a rewrite. (July 26)

Bill Sheridan