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Who has time for retirement anymore?

RetireA new era in retirement planning is fast approaching.

That's my impression, anyway, after reading the results of a recent survey conducted by Robert Half Management Resources. Only about one-third of workers surveyed said they planned to completely stop working once they reach retirement age. Logically, that means two-thirds of those surveyed plan to continue working at least part time once they're eligible to retire.

The survey supports the conclusions reached by Mitch Anthony in his thought-provoking article, "The New Retirementality."

"The financial planner who is in touch with this changing idea about retirement can begin to take a new tact by initiating a discussion that is not based on rusted-out industrial age ideals," Anthony writes. "The most important facet in the retirement discussion today is what it will take to make each individual feel fulfilled and useful."

Do you plan to call it quits at 65, or are you planning to continue working past retirement age?


Bill Sheridan