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‘Will tax season ever end?’ and more of life’s great questions

HourglassHang tough, CPAs: Tax season is down to its final week. The champagne is waiting on ice.

So yes, to answer the question above, tax season will end -- on April 17, to be exact. But according to Rick Telberg, other questions aren't so easily answered. For instance, "What do clients really want?"

If you can answer that one, you could retire on a beach tomorrow. But Telberg gives it his best shot in this CPA2Biz article by posing the question to CPAs nationwide in a followup of sorts to a recent report from Telberg's organization, Bay Street Group. He received nearly 2,000 responses. They range from the insightful ("They are looking for a sounding board, someone who can help them with sound business fundamentals, strategic thinking and proactive ideas to help them become successful," said one) to the exasperated ("God knows," answered another).

What do you think? What do your clients (or your organization) want from a CPA firm?


Bill Sheridan