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The case for optimism

Feed your mind good stuff!

That was a major message from our friend and best-selling author, Tim Sanders, last summer at the CCH User Conference in San Antonio. See our blog posts here, and here, and here.

This is a five-course meal for your brain that will make you think differently. It comes to you through my friends at Boomer Consulting (via Eric Hunt, who posted this on Facebook).

This TED Talk from Peter Diamandis makes the case for optimism in a world full of negativity. He talks about why he has hope and how, despite our challenges, "we'll innovate and create" ways to overcome them. In a word, we'll create abundance through optimism.

My favorite part of the clip: "Creating abundance...is about creating a life of possibility. Taking that which was scarce and making it abundant. Scarcity is contextual and technology is a liberating force."

Want to conquer change? Get confident, be positive, and offer hope and inspiration.

Check out our own BLI thought leader, Gretchen Pisano, and her BLI Live talk on positivity and resilience.

We have a "top gun" instructor and programs that offer the training and learning in this exciting area -- Gretchen Pisano and our Plink series. It shows you how to design your lifestyle around well-being, positivity, and resiliency. It is also a part of our strengths-based components taught in our Leadership Academy. (The MACPA is now accepting applications here for our program on May 7-9.)

Contact us at info@bizlearning.net if you want to bring this type of training to your organization -- on-site, webcast, and on-demand options for a blended learning program.