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Blogs turn 10: How big has their impact been?

It's been 10 years since blogs showed up on the communication scene -- a perfect time to examine their impact and influence.

Let's start with "Happy Blogiversary," from the Wall Street Journal. This article compiles feedback from 12 commentators who describe what blogs mean to them. Among the critiques:

  • SEC Chair Christopher Cox: "Blogs can contribute a great deal in the world of finance, which turns on information -- the newer, the better."
  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: "In politics, supporters of a candidate or party are increasingly dissatisfied with simply putting up yard signs or making scripted phone calls; they want those in power to listen and respond to them as well."
  • Novelist Tom Wolfe: "One by one, Marshall McLuhan's wackiest-seeming predictions come true. Forty years ago, he said that modern communications technology would turn the young into tribal primitives who pay attention not to objective 'news' reports but only to what the drums say, i.e., rumors. And there you have blogs."

Wolfe may not care for blogs, but the rest of the business world is relying on them with increasing frequency, and the CPA profession is no exception. This CPA Journal article offers an introduction to accounting blogs, while this Journal of Accountancy article takes a closer look at how blogs can help CPAs.

Finally, if you care to ask, here are a few of our favorite accounting- and business-related blogs:

What are your favorite blogs?


Bill Sheridan