Financial Planning

Hey, Peyton: Feed the pig!

Don't know if you saw it or not, but Dan Rodricks wrote an interesting column in The Sun on Super Bowl Sunday. In short, Rodricks slams Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning for his humorous TV commercials endorsing MasterCard. Haven't seen the commercials? Here's one of the latest:

Rodricks' message fits right in with the profession's financial literacy campaign: "The Commerce Department reported that Americans' personal savings rate during 2006 was minus 1 percent, and that's the worst since the time of dust bowls, bread lines and buddy-can-you-spare-a-dime," Rodricks wrote. The commercials, he says, exploit "this mess we've gotten ourselves into as a consumer-driven culture."

Do you agree? Maybe Peyton Manning should team up with Benjamin Bankes in the "Feed the Pig" campaign instead.


Bill Sheridan