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Do you work with a jerk?

BullyYou're not alone. We all probably have at one time or another, and we all have our stories to tell. What you might not know, though, is that workplace jerks and bullies can have a substantial negative impact on the bottom line.

"Research shows that they not only hinder recruiting and retention but also raise levels of client churn, damage reputations, and diminish the confidence of investors," says this article from The McKinsey Quarterly. "Companies that harbor jerks may also suffer from reduced levels of creativity and innovation, as well as impaired or dysfunctional cooperation, within and outside the organization. That is no small matter in an increasingly networked world."

The article offers advice for rooting out jerks, enforcing the no-jerks rule and "building a civilized workplace." And remember: People's feelings are at stake here, but there's much more on the line as well.

What's your most memorable workplace-jerk story?


Bill Sheridan