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Top 5 reasons to do Web 2.0 and blogging

  1. Cpa_learning_2_2The lawyers are beating us. Twenty-five of the top 200 law firms are blogging It is one of the top small business technology trends.
  2. It has a high ROI -- that's Return on Influence (per Debbie Weil).
  3. It will help you understand the new generation in your workplace.
  4. It will help your career as you become a "player," a knowledge player, a member of the technorati!

I want to credit this post to several fellow bloggers and Web 2.0 players:

Check out the Top 10 Technology predictions for 2008 from Intuit's blog, Small Business Labs. Several predictions involve Web 2.0 and social media like blogging. Melcrum's post on the top tips for harnessing Web 2.0 is another good resource.

Resources to help you get started:

  • CPA Technology Adviser editor Greg LaFollette will be speaking about blogs, podcasts and social media and what the top 10 "smart firms / businesses" do with technology at our upcoming Maryland Business and Accounting Expo on June 17-18. Several more sessions will be dedicated to Web 2.0 and blogging, along with a special session showing the real business potential of the virtual world, Second Life.
  • Visit our free, self-guided learning program for CPAs to learn Web 2.0 at
  • I highly recommend Debbie Weil's book, The Corporate Blogging Book.