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A life well lived boils down to one word: passion

You wanna know what passion sounds like?

I drove six hours to Cincinnati on Labor Day to watch my beloved Reds play the villainous St. Louis Cardinals in the midst of a red-hot pennant race. As fellow Reds fan and Business Learning Institute instructor Peter Margaritis and I walked around Great American Ballpark before the game, I glanced up and saw a series of baseball-themed quotes circling the stadium's concourse.

My favorite was from Reds legend Pete Rose. It read:

"I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball."

That, my friends, is passion.

Sure, his gambling addiction earned him a lifetime ban from his chosen profession, but still, you can't deny Pete's passion.

So … what are you passionate about?

Is it serving your clients? Building your business? Conquering change? Experiencing life with your family and friends? Is it accounting? Cooking? Stamp collecting? Golf?

Whatever it is, find it, then feed it. You have just one shot.

"Short-run emotion makes the status quo seductive," Chip and Dan Heath write in Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. "But when researchers ask the elderly what they regret about their lives, they don't often regret something they did; they regret things they didn't do. They regret not seizing opportunities."

The lesson for all of us? Seize those opportunities.

If they help you serve others, all the better.


Bill Sheridan