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How to increase your intellectual capital, and 3 books you must read

CPAs are knowledge workers, right?

What if I told you that you could be increasing your personal and organizational's intellectual capital right now and for little or no cost (other than some investment of time)?

Interested? Read on ...

Score Social capital is a powerful piece of your intellectual capital that can be increased greatly if you apply some basic principles.

This is true if you are a professional, a business, or organization trying to make a difference and stand out amid all of the noise.

The secret lies in this basic formula:

IC = HC + SC + Struc C

SC = Whuffie + Trust (agent) + Social Media

First, let's make sure you understand social capital. There are three types of intellectual capital, according to Ron Baker at Verasage:

  • Human capital (HC) -- your people and their knowledge
  • Social capital (SC) -- your network of customers, suppliers, partners, relationships, alumni (see also Whuffie)
  • Structural capital (Struc C) -- your systems, processes, databases, and explicit knowledge

Social capital is the easiest to leverage with all of the new social media tools available (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs).

First, you need to begin using these tools and increasing your connections and knowledge.

Next, you need to understand the power of leverage, using social media to build your "Whuffie." Here is Tara Hunt's definition from her book, The Whuffie Factor:

"The sum of the reputation, influence, bridging capital and bonding capital, access to ideas and talent, access to resources, potential access to further resources, saved up favors, accomplishments (resumes, awards, articles, etc.) and the Whuffie of those who you have relationships with."

Then add the advice of Chris Brogan. Here are his six secrets of Trust Agents:

  1. Make your own game. (I say be distinct or extinct.)
  2. Be one of us (authenticity matters).
  3. Use the Archimedes effect (leverage and link everything).
  4. Be Agent Zero in multiple networks (the strength of weak ties).
  5. Be a Human Artist (help shape others).
  6. Build armies -- promote larger interactions.

Read Chris's post in its entirety.

You are on your way to being an intellectual capitalist!


Read these books and start leveraging your social capital now: