Read anything good lately? Try these

NewsWeekends are usually pretty slow around here, so we're going to try something new.

On Saturdays, we're going to focus on the fantastic array of online resources that can help you do your job better. We'll try to focus on one cool new business tool each week. And remember, this is a blog, so share and share alike. Be sure to share your favorite resources with our readers as well.

Let's start with your answers to our search for the world's best business publications. Magazines, newspapers, Web sites, blogs, podcasts -- they're all fair game. Since we're in the home stretch of tax season, I suspected we wouldn't get a lot of responses to the blog post, and I was right; we received just one comment. But I also posted the question on LinkedIn and received a bunch of great suggestions. Here are some of them:

So what'd we miss? Tell us what you're reading these days.


Bill Sheridan