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Maryland CPA named Business Leader of the Year

Dsc00182We are downright proud to see longtime MACPA member Gerry Holthaus, CPA, honored as Loyola College's annual Business Leader of the Year.

Gerry is the first CPA to earn this distinction. He joins other prestigious recipients like August Busch III (Anheuser-Busch), Robert Lawless (McCormick & Co.), Larry Bossidy (Allied Signal) and J. Willard Marriott (Marriott Corporation).

Gerry was recognized for his leadership as chairman and CEO of Algeco-Scotsman, a Maryland-based business that grew into a global industry-leader now operating in 22 countries.

In Gerry's acceptance speech, he reflected on the value of his Jesuit education at Loyola College and how he believes it shaped him as a future leader. Gerry also gave some insights into the global impacts of the financial crisis and said these are times when current and future leaders are needed most.

He reflected on a talk with father Joe Sellinger, past president of the college, who said, "The true value of a 'good man' is his ability to adhere to core values when faced with adversity." He went on to say that the values of community, integrity and servant leadership form the foundation on which his success is built. He went on to thank all of his colleagues at Algeco-Scotsman and Loyola for his education.

Gerry has been a member of the MACPA since 1972, served two terms on our Board of Directors and was a chapter leader early in his career. He epitomizes the study we covered in an earlier post, Where Winners Meet, about the value of belonging to your professional association and the quality of people who join associations. Thanks for your loyalty over the years, Gerry!

Dsc00175 Funny that I started out yesterday doing a professional issues update for Loyola College's Accounting Alumni Circle at its graduate campus in Timonium. Every year, it sponsors a full day of continuing education under the leadership of Dr. Bill Blouch and volunteer Steve Wiseman (another active MACPA member). Then, last night I ran into one of my favorite professors and a pioneer in accounting educators using technology, Barry Rice (pictured with me). Ed Rommel, past chairman of the MACPA and a classmate of Gerry's, gave MACPA a shout-out in his congratulatory remarks on the big screen.

Did I mention that I am also an alumni of Loyola (BA, accounting) and joined the MACPA as soon as I passed the CPA exam?

Are you noticing a pattern here? We at the MACPA are fortunate to have members like these who willingly give their time and talents back to their profession and the business community. That is what being a CPA is really about.