Renew your pride in the profession at our annual New CPA Swearing-In Ceremony

To the members and friends of the MACPA:

We recently commissioned our brand management firm to capture the essence and purpose of our association and profession in a simple video piece.

What they came up with is not only stunning, but it’s accurate. The video is embedded below:

I still get chills watching that. It reminds me of how proud I am to be a CPA, and how proud I am to help lead our profession in Maryland.

We reflect essence and purpose of our profession in another way every year at our New CPA Swearing-In Ceremony. The highlight of the night – another moment that gives me chills – is during the solemn oath. Young CPAs rise, raise their hands, and commit to the highest level of professional service and professional ethics.

If you’ve never seen this moment with your own eyes, come join us this year.

The rest of the evening is filled with food and drinks and rubbing elbows with our state’s best CPA talent, and our newest CPA talent.

Click here to see all the details about the Newly-Licensed CPA Swearing-In Ceremony coming up this Monday, Nov. 10.