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Does your customer service drive clients wild?

Cab What are your expectations when you take a cab?

If you're like me, they're pretty low: A quick "Where ya' going?" and a high-speed chase to the hotel about covers it. I'm usually happy if I make actual eye contact with the driver. A smile is a bonus. Help me with my bags and you'll get the biggest tip you've gotten all day.

So imagine my surprise when I landed in Fort Myers this week and took the most enjoyable cab ride of my life.

The woman at the cab stand smiled and greeted me with a friendly "How are you?" She asked me where I was going, told me the fee up front, explained that, yes, the driver takes American Express, and sent me off with -- believe it or not -- another smile and a "Thank you."

And that was all before I climbed into the car.

The driver was all smiles, insisted on lifting my bags into the trunk, held the door for me and chatted me up as we made our way to the hotel. When I had to make a call, she fell respectfully silent. She pointed out area landmarks, explained what "Fiddlesticks" is (a local country club) and generally turned a normally forgettable 25-minute car ride into a pleasant experience.

I know what you're saying: "Don't get too worked up, Bill. It was just a cab ride."

You know what, though? It was more than that.

It was a textbook example of going above and beyond on behalf of a client, of working your tail off to find that extra degree, of distinguishing yourself from the competition by doing the most basic thing possible -- pleasing your customer.

So here's to the folks at MBA Airport Transportation. They get it.

And if you're ever flying through Fort Myers, look 'em up.  I'd be willing to bet they'll make it worth your while.


Bill Sheridan