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4 reasons to start your own practice NOW!

Koziel"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker

I just got back from a CPA-SEA (State Executives Association) meeting with the AICPA, where we were discussing the future of sole practitioners. The conversation centered on this question: What is the future of small practices and sole practitioners in the CPA profession, given the baby boom retirement and the recent rounds of layoffs from the recession?

Then I saw this post from Mark Koziel (pictured at right with Barry Melancon): "Small Business is the Place to Be." Here, he talked about the same thing and referenced a recent study from that shows the recession can be an incubator for new small businesses, making this the right time to start a practice if you are a CPA trying to figure out what is next.

Turns out this is exactly what AICPA CEO Barry Melancon said in our conversation.

According to the SBA, "Since the mid-1990s, small businesses have accounted for 64 percent of net net employment. Each year, they account for approximately half of the nation’s private, non-farm GDP and half of private sector employment. Small businesses are more innovative than large ones, acquiring, on average, more valuable patents at a higher rate."

So here are four reasons for laid-off CPAs and business professionals to think about:

  1. A family-friendly work environment: 56 percent
  2. More employee recognition: 49 percent
  3. A sense that you can make a difference: 48 percent
  4. An absence of corporate red tape: 46 percent

Here is a resource center from the SBA to evaluate starting your own business. The AICPA PCPS center has a great checklist. If you are frustrated by your job search, this might be good option: Create your own job as a small business entrepreneur. That is what happened in the 1970s and '80s during the last big downturn. Also, have you checked our new career center out and our six-point plan to help you through the recession (including 24 hours of free CPE)?

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