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Rising prices are a pain in the gas

GasSkyrocketing gas prices are no longer just a household issue. Considering how much we rely on transportation, they impact virtually every corner of the economy. And now they're impacting our offices as well.

A study from Robert Half finds that nearly half of American workers have altered their commuting habits as a result of rising gas prices. Some are carpooling, some have switched to more fuel-efficient vehicles, some are telecommuting more often, and 30 percent of them say they are looking for a new job closer to home.

I'm willing to bet few employers count staff turnover among the ways in which they're being stung by high gas prices, but if that report is correct, they'd better start.

Some workers are getting help from their employers. Chicago-area CPA firm Steinberg Advisors, for instance, is giving all full-time employees a one-time bonus of $1,200 to help offset the rising cost of getting to work. Other employers, though, are hurting just as much -- if not more -- than their employees.

How are you coping with rising gas prices? Have you come up with any innovative ways to cut your gas bill?


Bill Sheridan