Voices carry

Members deliver their messages.

Annapolis belonged to CPAs on Jan. 24, and they delivered a powerful message on behalf of the profession.

Jan. 24 was CPA Day in Annapolis, an annual event in which MACPA members meet face-to-face with their legislators and discuss issues of importance to all Maryland CPAs. In the wake of the November 2006 elections, about 20 percent of Maryland's 2007 legislators are new to their jobs, so it was vitally important that CPAs educate the new lawmakers about the issues that impact the profession.

Coincidentally, some 40 percent of the more than 90 MACPA members who desceneded upon Annapolis were first-time CPA Day attendees, so they and their legislators learned a thing or two together.

"It was a pleasure to meet my delegates for the first time, and it was interesting to see the political process in action," said Bob Zink. "It was an educational experience, and hopefully some good came from it as well."

Hats off to all those CPAs who turned out to protect the profession.


Bill Sheridan