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Reasons No. 998 and 999 to become a CPA

ClimbWe've been through this time and time again, and we're going to say it once more: It pays to be a CPA nowadays.

Need more proof? Consider this: Business 2.0 has released its list of "the most in-demand professionals nationwide, and the cities where they're most coveted." Coming in at No. 3 is finance, which, according to the magazine, is in particularly high demand in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago ... although last time I checked, resumes are also being accepted throughout Maryland.

And with high demand comes fatter paychecks, as evidenced by this Business 2.0 list of the hottest salaries in the country. Topping the list is accounting, where the positions of "financial controller" and "financial analyst" have among the fastest growing salaries in business today.

Attention, students: Are you listening?


Bill Sheridan